Tou Hou Hari Haina! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year in the Year of the Ox!

By Dunedin Race Relations Week | Posted: Tuesday March 2, 2021

The Kotahitaka Trust Board is collaborating with the Dunedin Multi Ethnic Council (“DMEC”) on a special project to help commemorate the forthcoming Race Relations Week in March.

We are producing this very special one off hard copy book to be presented on the last day of 2021 Dunedin Race Relations Week at Toitu Settlers Museum on Sunday 28th March at 3.30pm. This book will also be available in digital form to everyone. All participants will receive a formal invitation to this event.

The format of the book is designed to be a “snapshot” of who we are as a community. We have sought to keep it simple. The book is a collection of pre-designed pages to be completed by as many of the current Dunedin Ethnic (Cultural) groups as possible. Included in the template at the link below for you to complete. You will see there are three questions for you to complete and if space permits you may include photos if you wish.

These pages will be then collated and bound together in a presentation book. Our aim is to digitise the pages as well. The page size is A3 so please bear that in mind. As editors we reserve the right to edit your contribution if it needs to fit on the page. We hope not to do that but in the rare instance that it may be required we would not expect to make any drastic changes nor take away your overall message.

We believe the book will benefit all of Otepoti Dunedin and indeed Aotearoa New Zealand by having this snapshot of Dunedin ethnic cultural groups recorded. It is a timely celebration of this century’s 21st birthday 2021. It is also a wonderful opportunity for everyone to tell your story of when your group was formed, how you came to be here and most important to share your story of what you most love about Otepoti Dunedin. We hope you will also see it in this way too and we are grateful for DMEC’s support of this project.

We have also been in touch with te Otakou Runaka and we understand mana whenua will be providing an opening statement for the book.

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