'The Getaway' - a short play by young playwright Paul Liedvogel. It will be performed at the UNESCO Play Festival in Dunedin in September 2019 (and a preview in Heidelberg on 31 August)

By The Getaway | Posted: Monday September 16, 2019

Below are a series of Vlogs posted by The Getaway - enjoy their journey!

Our first episode of the Vlog - follow our travels to New Zealand - It's on!

The Getaway Vlog 1 - It's on! The Getaway

What a warm welcome we received in Dunedin.

The Getaway Vlog 2 - Kia Ora Dunedin The Getaway

We bring to you a series of interviews with all the squad travelling to New Zealand with each of our perspectives on the play. Today, Kirsten Hertel, Head of the Drama Group talks about her excitement being at the second festival, last hosted by her in Heidelberg

The Getaway Squad - Kirsten Hertel (Manager Drama Group) The Getaway

Next in our interview series: meet director Tim Williams

The Getaway Squad - Timothy Williams (Director) The Getaway

Meet the actor playing Charlie, Dennis Massmann

The Getaway Squad - Dennis Massmann (Actor) The Getaway

Meet one of our two actresses, Hanlie Engelbrecht, talking about the joys and challenges of acting in a small role

The Getaway Squad - Hanlie Engelbrecht (Actor) The Getaway

Another interview in our series with the actress Sophie Ziegler, also here in New Zealand

The Getaway Squad - Sophie Ziegler (actor) The Getaway

The phenomenally talented playwright of 'The Getaway', Paul Liedvogel, is also with us in New Zealand. Here he is talking about his work on the play and what it is like to be at the festival.

The Getaway Squad - Paul Liedvogel (Playwright) The Getaway

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