Literary Tram 2019 in Ulyanovsk: photos and video

By Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature | Posted: Tuesday June 25, 2019

June 21, Literary tram drove through Ulyanovsk. For the fourth time, the townspeople traveled around the night city and listened to the texts of writers from the UNESCO literary cities. Many people gathered, and two trams set off on a literary tour.

The event was organized by the "Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature" direction together with the Culture Department of Ulyanovsk City Administration, "Ulyanovskletrotrans" and the Centralized Library System. Each passenger was given a special Literary Tram ticket. 

This year, texts and poems from Utrecht, Barcelona, ​​Melbourne, Nottingham, Ljubljana, Dunedin, Cobourg and Ulyanovsk were read. 

Passengers heard these fragments performed by:

Elena Toporkova, Head of the Culture Department of Ulyanovsk City Administration

Dmitry Aksyonov, Head of the ENFANT-TERRIBLE theater

Elena Domashevskaya, DARS PR-Director

Anton Nikitin, TV presenter of Russia 1 and Russia 24 in Ulyanovsk. 

The surprise of the evening - poems of the surrealist poet from the Canadian Cobourg, Stuart Ross, read by the Ulyanovsk Youth theater actress Evgenia Timchenko. In addition, the philologist and editor Natalia Shatskova read the poem of Dunedin poet David Howard, who will be a guest of the writer's residence in Ulyanovsk in September. 

Literary tram 2019: the list of the texts

Osip Mandelstam - the poems, written in Heidelberg
Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Melbourne - Wye river poem (translated by Valeriy Firsov)
Martinus Nijhoff, the Netherlands - Awater poem (translated by Irina Michailova and Alexey Purin)
Panya Banjoko, Nottingham - The Offering poem (translated by Valeriy Firsov)
David Howard, Dunedin - First snow, last drink poem (translated by Gala Uzryutova)
Mercè Rodoreda, Barcelona - excerpt from the novel La piazza del Diamante (translated by Valeriy Firsov)
Stuart Ross, Cobourg, Canada - "3", "2, 015" poems (translated by Gala Uzryutova)
Andrej Hocevar, Ljubljana - poems (translated by Zhanna Perkovskaya)
Vyacheslav Savin, Ulyanovsk - poems
Danila Nozdryakov, Ulyanovsk - poems
Igor Ulitin, Ulyanovsk - poems and prose 

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