Wild Dunedin: Hold That Pose

28 April 2021 5:30pm

Neville Peat and bird photographers Paul Sorrell and Glenda Rees discuss tips, hints and the secrets to capturing a winning image.
This special talk features some of our region's foremost experts in avian photography, and promises to be an engaging and educational presentation for photographers and bird lovers alike.
Glenda Rees' photographs have appeared in NZ Geographic Magazine and she shares her bird photography on Instagram @GlendaReesnz and on Twitter @NZPhotofanatic.
Paul Sorrell was a writer first, and his interest in photography was sparked by observing birds. He has just launched his book Getting Closer – Rediscovering Nature through Bird PhotographyHe sees photography as way of achieving great intimacy with the natural world.
Neville Peat is an award-winning writer and photographer specialising in the genres of geography, biography, history and the natural environment. His books on Aotearoa New Zealand range from Antarctica to tropical Tokelau..

Hutton Theatre
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