What Wikipedia Means for Libraries and Archives

10 April 2019 5:30pm

Expert Talk

Are you a librarian or archivist? Do you work in the heritage sector? If so, this talk is for you.

Wikipedia dominates Google Search results. Organisations whose mission is making information accessible need to understand Wikipedia and have a plan for engaging with it and the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who write it.

The image-repository Wikimedia Commons and the open structured database Wikidata are equally important for heritage organisations, and libraries need to be aware of the new project Wikicite, which aims to create a Wikidata object for every publication.

Dr Mike Dickison, New Zealand’s first Wikipedian-at-large, will present an overview of Wikipedia, and discuss some possible engagement strategies for heritage organisations.

5.30pm, Wednesday 10 April


Barclay Theatre

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