The Yallop & Smith Memorial Exhibition 2020

31 October 2020 12:00pm

An open invitation to exhibit.
The Yallop & Smith Memorial Exhibition is based on the enduring concept of friendship, community
and inclusion. A chance to remember and celebrate the lives of two good friends Ray Yallop (b.1934,
d.2010) and Des Smith (b.1920 d.2009). The Exhibition will be a salon installation in the style of their residence that was in Grant Street, Dunedin. Inside their house artworks of all kinds would vanish into a tapestry of colour and an endless sea of style, medium and form. Historical oil paintings would sit alongside bright coloured sketches, framed-photographs and quirky sculptures either given
by the artists, purchased from local galleries or just picked up from local fairs. Their collection represented a community of artists that would meet at ‘Des and Ray’s Place’ for unveilings of new works, birthday celebrations and even a wedding. It was a place that felt like home, where all were always welcome, and accepted for who they were.
Please join the exhibition.
The exhibition will include artwork by Desmond Smith, Gary McMillian, Ruth Cleland, Robert Scott, Jenny Hjertquist, Catherine Cocker, Philip Madill, Eliot Coates, Michael Morley, Peter McLaren, Marion Mertens, Mark Rayner, Paul Rayner, Hannah Joint, Murray Eskdale, L$D Fundraiser, Anna Muirhead, Katrina Thomson, Dallas Henley, Marilyn Webb, Luke Hancock, William Field, Ben Webb, Phillip James Frost, Celia Morgan, John Francis, Sharon Singer, Harley Jones, Holly Aitchison, Raimo Kuparinen, Lynda Cullen, Motoko Kikkawa, Justin Spiers, Rebecca Hasselman, Simon Attwooll, Julia Hutchinson, Miss Cherry Pie, Michael Lamb, Sam Ovens, Shaded Skull, Jonathan Waters, DDDCCXO, Hamish Jones, Ed Richie, Marion Mertens, Kathryn McCully, Jake Medary, Jay Hutchinson, Anya Sinclair, Michael Greaves, Iain Cheesman, Anita Desoto, Jonathan Waters, Annemieke Ytsma, and many more to come.
To be part of this exhibition initiated by Jay Hutchinson, deliver your artwork to OLGA before October 29.
Opening with a shared lunch 12pm Saturday 31st October. All welcome.
A joint Olga and exhibition.

Olga Gallery, Moray Place, Dunedin

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