The Book of Mark

19 - 21 March 2021

Experience Mark's fast-paced narrative - aloud and anew. Often surprising. Sometimes shocking. As fresh and immediate as ever.

Winged Lion. Patron Saint of Venice.

But before he was hallowed, he was simply ‘Mark’ - author of the earliest account of Jesus Christ.

Undressed of tradition and veneration, experience Mark's fast-paced narrative as his first-century audience did - out loud.

The story is surprising, sometimes shocking, yet as fresh and immediate as ever.

The Book of Mark, translated from the original Greek, is performed in contemporary English by Jason Henderson. Recently returned from acting school in New York City, he will perform Mark's text from memory.

“Jason Henderson is extremely talented. His voice is appealing, humor engaging. The artist can deliver patter with low key brio. A mix of sophistication and ingenuousness emerges fresh.” – Alix Cohen, New York City 2018

"Seriously though, there is something unique Jason Henderson can bring to the theatre. It has to do with the writing and devising of the material as well as a superb stage presence. It's hard to capture this ‘something' in words." - Michael Gilchrist TheatreView

Knockabout Studio (@ the NAT) 23 The Octagon Dunedin 9016

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