Trace Music

3 - 24 November 2018

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Title: Trace Music
Artists: mf/mp

Karl Leisky, Sam Longmore, Charlotte Parallel, Leben Young, Sally Ann McIntyre, William Henry Meung.

Opening Preview: Friday 2 November, 5pm. Performance commencing at 6pm.

Public Programme: All events are free to attend, all are most welcome.

Saturday 3 November, 2pm: Artist Talk with Sam Longmore, Karl Leisky, Sally Ann MacIntyre and Charlotte Parallel

Saturday 24 November, 2pm: Closing Performance.

mf/mp and Blue Oyster Art Project Space, are proud to celebrate the opening of Trace Music and invite you to join us to celebrate
In this exhibition, six contemporary sound makers from throughout Aotearoa NZ present their individual interpretations of trace as it relates to their musical / theoretical / sonic / artistic practices. Taken as a whole, this survey of works explores how the notion of trace can be applied as a conceptual, abstract or literal starting point for contemporary sonic practices.
Trace Music is an aural ecosystem comprised of six small installations dispersed throughout the space so that each is heard in conjunction with the others. Individually, each work is designed to be generative, and sympathetic to those it is shown in relation to. As a result, each piece should be appreciated primarily through its interaction with the other works on display, as well as the those in the room, and rumbles from beyond the gallery space.
As a viewer and listener, we invite you to observe the traces of trace in its slippery presence, variously as artistic provocation, conceptual fixation or central preoccupation. The works presented in this exhibition will change in relation to your presence in the exhibition space, as if listening to your listening. In this way, your participation is more than encouraged — it will, in a sense, be unavoidable.
Alongside this exhibition, we are excited to present a catalog in the form of a 12” record, complete with liner notes from a number of contributing artists — a series of textual reflections on where trace sits in relation to their work.

Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 16 Dowling St, Dunedin. 

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