1 August 2020 1:00pm

Are you struggling with life amidst Covid-19? Would you like to be empowered
to take action in your life?

The Dunedin Coaches Network invites you to a 2.5 hour workshop at 1 pm on
Saturday 1 August in the Dunningham Suite at the Dunedin Public Library.
This community event is an opportunity for you to reclaim your power! Come
along and hear from this dynamic group of Dunedin life coaches who will
inspire you to create positive change.

You will hear from the following coaches, all speaking about power:

  • Power of Intention -Pleasance Hansen, Executive Coach, PH Factor
  • Power of Clarity -Robyn Vintiner, Life Coach
  • Power of Positivity -Kim Charteris-Wright, Leadership Coach, Free Spirit
  • Training and Development
  • Power of Taking Control Back -Joanna Budai, Career Coach
  • Power of Choice & Decision -Daphne Wells, Professional Certified Coach
  • Power of 'Why Not?' -Julie Woods, Professional Speaker & Coach
  • Power of Thoughts & Emotions -Ainee Cha, Transformational Coach

Come along at 1 pm on the 1st of August to find out how to step into your

Koha for admission. Proceeds will be donated to Life Matters Suicide
Prevention Trust.

More information attached, feel free to circulate to your networks.

If you'd like to secure your place for the workshop you can do so here

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