Reed Gallery Exhibition: The Reed Association Collection

18 March - 12 June 2016

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The next Reed Gallery exhibition features copies of texts which are known in the book collectors’ world as ‘association copies’.

Like many bibliophiles the donor of the Reed Collections, Alfred Hamish Reed, was interested in the lives of books, where they came from, and who owned them. In pursuing this interest, Reed amassed a collection of books with inscriptions by their authors, or which showed previous ownership by such writers as Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Thomas Hardy.

The upcoming exhibition thus comprises a selection of books highlighting some of the association copies in the Alfred and Isabel Reed Collection, including Richard Knolles’ The Turkish history (1687), inscribed by Samuel Pepys; Charles Dickens’ own copy of Charles Waterton’s Essays on natural history; and Bibles once owned by African explorer and missionary, David Livingstone.

Reed Gallery, 3rd Floor, Dunedin City Library

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