Rap Like Robbie Competition for Teens

1 September - 30 November 2018

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Write some Robert Burns-inspired poetry and score yourself $500, generously sponsored by the Dunedin-Edinburgh Sister City Society.

Robert Burns was a rock star back in the day. He wrote about everything from nature to sex, drinking, poverty, equality, flirting, love, drink, women, and a lot about remorse! If he was alive today, he’d probably be loading his stuff on Spotify and regularly trashing his hotel room. Sometimes he wrote in Scots, sometimes in English, and he had a wicked sense of humour.

Why not write your own poem, inspired by Robert Burns, and score yourself $500, sponsored by the Dunedin-Edinburgh Sister City Society? You can write about whatever you like, in English or you can have a go at writing in Scots. It can be any style – just read a bit of Burns’ work and see where it takes you!

Resources to get you started:

Need a bit of help with your poem? Email: library@dcc.govt.nz  and we’ll put you in touch with a poet to help workshop your poetry.

This competition is open to all Otago high schools years 9-11.

Pick up an entry form from any Dunedin Public Library, or enter online

Competition closes Friday 30th November 2018

Presented by Dunedin Public Libraries in partnership with Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature, Dunedin Burns Club, the University of Otago Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, the Otago Daily Times, and with the generous support of the Dunedin-Edinburgh Sister City Society.


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