rail:lines spoke 'n' word tour

19 - 25 November 2020

rail:lines will be a poem tour along the Central Otago Rail Trail, and also a short
creative documentary film. Poets Liz Breslin, Laura Williamson and Annabel
Wilson will e-bike the length of the Rail Trail, with shows at historic old halls in
five locations along the way – Clyde, Ophir, Oturehua, Ranfurly and Middlemarch.

The physical audiences are promised that no two shows will be the same and can
buy tickets for one show or a tour pass. We will livestream the shows and film
short social media dispatches from the road.

We’re interested in showcasing the history of the old halls that we’re losing to
strengthening, modernisation and the economic challenge of the post-COVID
environment. We’re also interested in juxtapositions -
ebikes / Rail Trail
poems / screens
histories / nowstories
traditional forms / spokes in the word

Each show will also feature locals. Brian Turner and Jillian Sullivan have
expressed an interest in this, and we will also feature emerging creatives that we
have met through our years of collaborative literary projects in this area.

rail:lines will advance the appreciation of the development of literally literature
and landscape – how the one has been shaped by/in spite of the other in Central
Otago. It is such an annealing environment in New Zealand outside the main
city centres – a place that nevertheless has a strong voice and movement and is
worthy of wider appreciation. The Rail Trail itself is not accessible to everybody
(because of time/cost/location/fitness/COVID), so to showcase these shows and
the surrounding area online as we go and in the short film will also allow people
who can’t physically be there the opportunity to visit those old halls and hear the
words ring inside them.

There is also a strong history of travelling writers and artists in New Zealand. With
all our community/collaborative work, we understand the importance of continuing
and highlighting this.


Date: Thursday 19th November
Venue: Paradiso - TBC

Date: Friday 20th November
Venue: Clyde Memorial Hall
Ride to Ophir – 35kms

Date: Saturday 21st November
Venue: Ophir Peace Memorial Hall
Ride to Oturehua – 29kms

Date: Sunday 22nd November
Venue: Oturehua Hall
Ride to Ranfurly – 26kms

Date: Monday 23rd November
Venue: Maniototo Arts Centre
Ride to Middlemarch – 62kms

Date: Tuesday 24th November
Venue: Strath Taieri Community Centre

Date: Wednesday 25th November
Venue: Dog With Two Tails 

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