Poetry Evening: David Howard & Helen Williford-Lower

22 January 2016 7:00pm — 8:00pm

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Where does poetry come from? Where does it take you?
Award-winning poet David Howard joins writer Helen Williford-Lower for readings from their own works and a conversation about the creation of poetry and the journeys it inspires.

David Howard is based in Purakanui and has a former career in pyrotechnics, during which he worked with Metallica and Janet Jackson. He was the co-founder of literary magazine, Takahe in 1989 and established the Canterbury Poets Collective in 1990. He settled in Purakanui to dedicate himself to his writing in 2003 and has since received several awards that have helped him to collaborate with writers, artists and musicians across the globe. He was awarded the 2013 Burns Fellowship, and has recently been awarded a writer’s residency in Prague, the first New Zealander to achieve this. David has written numerous collections of poetry, including The Incomplete Poems (2011), which was thirty-five years in the making.

Helen Williford-Lower found her calling as a poet one seminal night 20 years ago at Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles. She works outside of academia, writing under the influence of great poets of times past - Baudelaire, Laurence Hope, Edgar Allan Poe and more recently, Robert Burns. Helen champions the revival and enjoyment of traditional songlike poetics featuring rhythm, rhyme and universal themes. Her next book "The Magic Hour" will feature poetry inspired by her sojourn on the South Island.

Whether you are an established or aspiring poet, or just curious about this enigmatic art form, bring your ideas and questions and join the discussion.

Waikouaiti Library


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