18 - 21 March 2021

A play with a waiting room, an administrator and a group of people. The problem is, they are all dead - whatever that means.

Written by Ōtepoti Theatre Lab Emerging Playwright, Alison Cowan, this short theatrical presentation playfully examines some existential possibilities of the afterlife. Passing Through considers the fates of three recently departed souls. What if life is a school, but you weren't paying attention during the lessons? Do you get sent back for a Do-Over? 

Alison has been a performer, of some description, most of her life. She still isn't quite sure Why, so she has given up asking that question, and continues to embrace new opportunities as they arise. Her exploits have ranged from poetry slamming, to flamenco dancing, to barbershop singing, to Toastmastering, to acting. In recent years she has appeared as Sylvia 3, in Sylvia, at The Globe, and in Murder in the Cathedral at St Paul's. She has also expanded her range to encompass stage management - a natural fit for her practical, warm, bossy nature. 

And now she has expanded further into playwrighting, where she hopes to exploit her life and theatrical experience to help craft exuberant explorations of great yarns. 

Alison hopes you will come along, support her journey into new territory, and enjoy her lighted hearted meditation on life, and after life.

* Please note, the Thur 18th session start time has changed to 6.30pm (from 6pm as advertised in the printed programme)

Otago Pioneer Women's Memorial Hall 362 Moray Place Dunedin 9016

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