Otago English & Linguistics Seminar: JOHN MILTON’S THEOLOGY in Paradise Lost and in his Christian Doctrine

10 July 2020 4:00pm

Dr. John Hale

(Honorary Fellow in English, University of Otago) 

“Open” versus “Closed”


in Paradise Lost and in his Christian Doctrine

Though Paradise Lost is an epic poem in English and De Doctrina Christiana is a prose tractate in Latin, both offer theologies. Do the two theologies differ? How great are the differences? And what do they signify? 

Having spent years editing and translating and confronting On Christian Doctrine, I return to the epic, to probe the opinion of C. A. Patrides, that its theology is “open” by contrast with the “closed” theology of the treatise. How best to explain the differences?

Dr. John Hale is one of the world’s foremost Milton scholars. He was this year selected as Honored Scholar by the Milton Society of America, which award will be toasted at this seminar.

Castle D, 4 pm, Friday 10 July | All are welcome!


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