Otago English & Linguistics Seminar: John Newton

27 November 2020 4:00pm

Otago English & Linguistics Seminar


John Newton

(Robert Burns Fellow, 2020)


Long Poems, Tall Stories; or, 

Who’s Afraid of the Verse Novel?


We sometimes forget that story-telling has a longer history in verse than in prose. These days a novel in verse seems a daunting prospect. But as John Newton will explain in discussing his new book Escape Path Lighting, narrative verse has its own ideas about what makes fiction entertaining.

John Newton is this year’s Burns Fellow. Escape Path Lighting, published last month, is his fourth book of verse and his first book of fiction. He has also published three works of literary and cultural history, most recently Llew Summers: Body and Soul, which came out in August.


Castle D, 4 pm, Friday 27 November | All are welcome!


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