Otago Brain Day

13 March 2021 10:00am — 4:00pm

Supersize Your Brain

Join the neuroscience team to see what the inside of your head looks like and how it works!

Walk through the Brain Health Research Centre’s giant 3D inflatable brain, test yourself with brain-deceiving images and optical illusions, and try interactive brain-testing activities, mirror drawings and 'how to get better at anything' interactives, suitable for children and adults.

Talk to Dunedin’s neurological community support groups and learn more about what exactly is going on inside your head at their booths on the Atrium, or check out the Anatomy Museum exhibits and get a close up look of slides through microscopes in Lab in a Box situated outside the Museum. There is also a scavenger hunt for kids.

This all-day event celebrates the wonders of the human brain with the Brain Health Research Centre and the Otago community support groups for neurological conditions, including: • Multiple Sclerosis Otago • Stroke Association Otago • Alzheimer’s New Zealand Otago • Brain Injury Otago Region • Essential Tremor Otago • Music for Dementia

Bring your friends, family and colleagues to a great day filled with fun activities for kids, presentations on genetics and the brain for the adults, and information booths on various other support groups for those one in five kiwis affected by a neurological condition. We’ll also have the Lab in a Box onsite at the Museum, and the 3D brain is a fun photo op for Instagrammers!

Come and learn more about what exactly is going on inside your head.

10am – 4pm, Saturday 13 March
Atrium Level 1
Free entry

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