Krapp’s Last Tape

30 September - 22 October 2016

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“Just been listening to that stupid bastard I took myself for thirty years ago…”

So begins the last recording of Krapp, a white faced, purple nosed old man with an amazing shock of grey hair. Samuel Beckett’s love of vaudeville clowns and silent movie comics is brilliantly realised in this magical work.

Krapp’s Last Tape was a favourite of Beckett, one of the Twentieth Century’s most influential writers. The premise is simple. Each year on the eve of his birthday, Krapp makes a recording in an attempt to archive his life. Today he listens to his 39-year-old self and things begin to shift.

The Murray Hutchinson Studio will be transformed into Krapp’s den during a late evening in a mysterious future. A world filled with life’s detritus, reels of tape, shifting memories and a seemingly endless supply of bananas.

Featuring Simon O’Connor

Directed by Jonathon Hendry

Running time approximately 55 minutes.

Fortune Theatre

© Copyright Dunedin City of Literature