Going Local Dunedin 2021 - How the music industry can help you!

5 May 2021 5:30pm

Ever wanted to know more about the music industry – how it works, who to talk to, what you need, why things happen and where you should look for help? 

The Going Local team are planning a get together in Dunedin called Going Local 2021. It's an informal way for you to meet with some established people already working in the music industry, who can offer advice and knowledge that will help to answer some of those questions above. It is also a chance for us to get to know you and hear about your own sound and vision for the future.

Join us! Free entry, and ask us about anything music related!


Jason Schroeder (Festival / Event Booker - Dunedin) / Dylan Pellett - IMNZ (General Manager) / Dean Cameron - Recorded Music NZ (Member Services Manager) / Ash Wallace - NZ On Air (Music Promoter, Content) / Emily Crowther - NZ Music Commission (Aotearoa Touring Programme Manager) / Mike Hall - APRA AMCOS (Member Services) / Pip Ryan-Kidd - Artist Management & Project Management

Register online: https://tinyurl.com/GoingLocal2021

4th Floor, City Library, Moray Place


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