Ghost in the Ear: Poetry of the Transgraphic/Interlingualj/Heterophonic Imagination

21 November 2015 5:00pm — 6:30pm

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In the first half of this art performance/talk, visiting US-based translingual poet and multimedia artist Jonathan Stalling will perform selections of his work from three book length collections (Grotto Heaven, Yingelishi, and Lost Wax), along with new work from his large-scale conceptual project to create and propagate a Chinese orthography for writing and learning English (in and through Chinese characters), a project he calls SinoEnglish. Each of Stalling’s works attempts to collapse the accepted parameters that demarcate linguistic difference, to resource and amplify interlingual consciousness through opening aesthetic, phonetic, and graphic structures, and to prepare the mind to hear/see/feel the increasing interconnectedness between English and Chinese as languages of globalization. The second half of the event will be guided by audience questions and interaction and could touch upon topics including translation studies, transgraphic writing systems, interlanguage poetics, language identity and politics, Chinese/English poetry, entrepreneurship and innovation as it relates to poetry and art, etc.

Sponsored by the University of Otago’s Asian Migrations Research Theme, this is a collaboration between the University of Otago and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Entry is free.

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