Exquisite Corpse

19 March 2021 5:00pm

Exquisite Corpse is back. A group of fifty South Island artists have been playing the chance-based, surrealist game where participants contribute to a collective drawing without the knowledge of others' additions, resulting in wondrous composite figures. A revelatory exhibition, the moment of truth comes when the previously secret compositions are unveiled.

Join us on opening night for the great expose’!

Participating artists include: Aroha Novak, Peter Cleverley, Sharon Singer, Anna Perry, Guy Howard-Smith, Michael Greaves, Rosa Cameron, Lynley Workman, Nicola Hansby, Hannah Joynt, Lucy Hunter, Saskia Rushton-Green, James Corbett Varga, John Ward Knox, Saskia Leek, Anya Sinclair, Mike Cooke, Spencer Hall, Rachel Isobela Taylor, Pauline Bellamy, Miranda Bellamy, Charlotte Parallel, Leben Young, William Henry Meung, Celeste, Jo Howard, Deirdre Newall, Motoko Kikkawa, Jay Hutchinson, James Buckner, Campbell Patterson, James Dignan, Esther Bosshard, Phillip Madill, Brendan Jon Phillip, Sam Ovens, Taarn Scott, Gavin Ashworth, Veronica Brett, Felix Harris, Kiri Mitchell, Marie Strauss, Holly Aitchison, Phillip Jarvis, Robbie Motion, Madison Kelly, Jenny Hjertquist, Harry Freeth, Dallas Robertson and more.

Exhibition runs for 5 days. Sat 10-2PM T/W/T/F 10-5PM

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