Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival

9 - 14 May 2017

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The Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival has an embarrassment of literary riches lined up for you this May. We’re gathering over 80 writers, illustrators, performers and chairfolk together for 36 events: workshops, panel sessions, poetry readings, theatrical doings, book launches, and those nutritious solo-author immersion sessions where you get to spend an hour leaning against the mind of a favourite writer.

We wooed some of our authors from afar: Ian Rankin, Stella Duffy, John Lanchester, Hannah Kent, MJ Carter and Rebecca Vaughan. They’ll join a cracking Kiwi contingent that includes many 2017 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards finalists.

There’s something for every flavour of reader: a dastardly amount of crime; a flock of Flying Nuns; a tired mama on Mother’s Day telling it like it is; Polynesian existentialism; a froth of fiction; some literary metamorphosing; medicine cuddling the humanities; a monster and bee lark for the small ones; a septuagenarian birthday for a literary magazine; a trio of edgy evening sessions curated by Pirate & Queen; and poets galore (the Laureates, the politically peppy, the place-fond, a few magpies, and some rising stars).

On behalf of the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival Trust, thank you for your continued support. As New Zealand’s sole UNESCO City of Literature, we want to grow that good literary vibe. Come and help us do so this May. Your brain will love you for it.

Full programme here: http://www.dunedinwritersfestival.co.nz/programme.html 

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