DPLA Monthly Talk Series: Scraps, Stanzas and Stories - Inside the Seasons of Summers exhibition

11 August 2021 11:30am — 12:30pm

Did you know New Zealand’s queen of mid-20th century romance was also passionate about poetry and the past? Essie Summers is remembered for her 56 novels, but she explored other genres too.

In this talk, Ruth Williamson, co-curator of Dunedin Public Library’s Seasons of Summers exhibition, will explore the inside story of several key exhibits. The Reed Gallery’s display contains items never shown before, and they reveal not only a number of influences on Essie Summers’ life, but also where she found inspiration for her writing.

This presentation is a chance to find out how her fiction reflected research in fields far removed from romance, and will enhance appreciation of the exhibition.

(talk begins at 12noon)

Dunningham Suite, 4th floor, Dunedin City Library


The Reed Gallery exhibition Seasons of Summers closes Sunday 29th August

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