Book Launch: Tony Allan, Alone in the Tasman

21 July 2018 7:00pm

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After the loss of his boat Rebel 11and 20 Days Adrift in a life Raft in the Tasman Sea in 1974/75 Tony came back to Christchurch to start his life over again. He had to rethink his whole life and decide on how he was going to regain his thoughts on working, sailing and making a life starting from the beginning again at the age of 28 years old. In those days it never entered his mind to write a book to tell his story.

It wasn’t until he decided to donate his Life Raft to the Auckland Maritime Museum along with all his photos and newspaper articles, that writing a book become an option. 
To write a book in 1975 was something that would have been a monumental task for Tony, compared to living a resurrected life and enjoyment at this time
40 years later after many experiences, sailing, marriage and children, writing a book became more of an option. 
With the knowledge that he was still the longest survivor in a life Raft in the Tasman sea, it was suggested he get a ghost writer to write this amazing True Story. 

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