19 - 20 March 2021

An inaccurate and irreverent comedy of surviving your twenties.

Aren't we supposed to be grown up by now?  Remember when you would look at people in their 30s in awe - they seemed so put together, responsible, real adults.  Now, on the brink of 30 ourselves, we are wondering why we don't feel put together at all.  Did we mess up along the way?  Or is EVERYONE else faking it too?

We always assumed that when we got a job we'd be sorted but we still haven't worked out how to make small talk... or dentist appointments.  Even worse, some of us are in charge of other humans and we can't even find pants with pockets!  Adulting... are we there yet?

Come see hilarious sketch comedy about what it is like to come of age... again.  Investigate ways to survive your 20s, navigate new social norms, and fake it till you make it. 

Allen Hall Theatre, 90 Union Street East Dunedin 9016


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