Ice Escape: the story of a rescue from the icefloes of the north.

By Kellas Cat Press | Posted: Friday May 21, 2021

Dunedin resident, and Aberdeen-born author Beatrice Hale has relaunched her children’s book, Ice Escape, with The Kellas Cat Press in Aberdeen.

ICE ESCAPE is a children’s story based on the real-life courageous rescue by the crew of Aberdeen trawler Lord Talbot of the visionary American Flying Family. The family’s Sikorsky Amphibion crashed on the Greenland coast in 1932 while on a pioneering flight round the world. What was it like on the boat as it made its way towards the stranded aviators? What was it like on the coast, as the Flying Family did its best to survive, waiting for help that might not come? Ice Escape tells the story, imagined through the eyes of the children involved.

Back material:

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY. This is flight Foxtrot, Alpha, 092 calling Angmassalik …


John and his sister Betsy from America want to be part of the first family to fly around the world. Colin in Aberdeen wants to stay at home, not sail out on a fishing trawler into the Arctic Ocean where his father drowned.

But one little accident leads to disaster. The boys and Betsy have to struggle to survive and to overcome their fears. They will all meet far from home, in one of the coldest, harshest places on earth.

Torry-born author Beatrice Hale, now living in Dunedin, grew up inspired by her grandfather, Tom Watson, the skipper of the Lord Talbot. She has drawn on her rich family history for stories of adventure for all ages. ‘My Grandfather was the Skipper on the Lord Talbot,’ she says. ‘I couldn’t believe it when in later years in America I phoned the two children – old ladies by then – who had been stranded on that icy coast. And they said if it hadn’t been for my grandfather and the crew, they would have died.’

Copies of the book are available on Amazon and from the publishers, The Kellas Cat Press.

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