Down in Edin Issue 22 - Online now!

By Down in Edin | Posted: Monday November 9, 2020

Literature, Poetry, Music, Art, Photography, Nature, Politics and Environment in the South Island of New Zealand

  • Writers on writing - Regular contributor, Carolyn McCurdie interviews award winning author Maxine Alterio
  • From Dunedin to Berlin - the fabulous music of Leah Hinton, aka Murmur Tooth
  • Fiona Farrell's latest anthology of poetry "Nouns, verbs, etc." - we talk emotions here
  • An online exhibition with in depth notes from one of the world's finest visual commentators - Jenna Packer
  • Environment and Politics - why is it so hard to reconcile our need for a healthy landscape vs intensive farming with The Hon. Marian Hobbs
  • Honouring and remembering Elizabeth Brooke-Carr through her posthumous collection of poetry published by the Caselberg Trust
  • 'Gifts in the Garden' by Naturopath, Francisca Griffin - 'Support Tea 2'.

All sharing is greatly appreciated and very helpful

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