Max Quinn: The life and times of a polar film maker

By RNZ | Posted: Monday November 2, 2020

Renowned polar photographer, director and cameraman Max Quinn covers a 50-year career spent working in the world's coldest places in his book A Life of Extremes.

Quinn learned his trade as an NZBC cameraman then as a Director of Photography on homegrown TV dramas, before he joined TVNZ's Natural History Unit in Dunedin in 1987.

Over the years he's filmed for many of the world's top broadcasters including National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

In 1991 he wintered over in Antarctica for 11 months to film documentaries on the Emperor Penguin and about winter life at Scott Base.

More recently he's been working on nature documentaries across the globe, and last year completed filming on a 3-part wildlife series set in Brazil.

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