Kate di Goldi - creating our first Reading Ambassador

By RNZ | Posted: Monday August 17, 2020

Here in New Zealand we rather pride ourselves in our enthusiasm for reading. But it doesn't happen by accident, here or overseas.

The most recent OECD Programme for International Students assessment showed a marked decline in reading for pleasure. Alarmingly it discovered that half of New Zealand's 15-year-olds have never read for enjoyment.

Clearly they need help.

Helping to create a 'nation of readers' is the job of New Zealand's first Reading Ambassador - a new role that is being created, with award-winning children's writer, Kate De Goldi. a member of the organising panel.

It's a new two year long job that will also advocate for the importance of reading in the lives of young New Zealanders, their whānau and communities.

Lynn Freeman asks Kate what resources she's being given to achieve these goals.


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