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By Down in Edin Magazine | Posted: Tuesday July 28, 2020…

Issue 21: Literature, Poetry, Music, Art, Film, Photography, Nature in the South Island of New Zealand: Fiona Farrell interviews award winning authors Laurence Fearnly, Sue Wootton and New Zealand's Poet Laureate David Eggleton; 'Elementa' - Richard Sidey's latest award winning documentary; Claire Beynon - a visual and written essay 'Waiting for the New Songs to Arise'; Composer/Conductor - Kenneth Young - 'Shadows and Light'; Miriam Louisa Simons' new work 'This Shining World'; Mary McCallum interviews Kay McKenzie Cooke for her latest poetry collection 'Upturned'; Goldfields Cavalcade 2020 by Josie Stanford; 'Birds of Orokonui' Ecosanctuary featuring the beautiful photography of Ian Thomson; 'Gifts in the Garden' by Naturopath, Francisca Griffin - 'Support Tea', and an interview with Sue Bidrose - a fare-well to a unique CEO.

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