Book Launch: That Blind Woman

By Julie Woods | Posted: Tuesday July 7, 2020

Thank you for saying WHY NOT to coming to my book launch on Saturday!

What a blast!

It was really awesome to see so many people turn up, I thank you all for
your loyal support. There are some photos attached of the launch.

Numbers for book sales aren't in yet, but numbers for names in braille sure
are. Karley and I wrote 92 names in braille between the pair of us, taking
the 1 million names in braille total to 11,118! Including the Steampunkers
who's photo I am attaching!

You may have seen the videographer there, that was Lucas from Michael Trillo
Photos who has put up the recording of "What are ya? Blind or something
ref?" on Facebook on that blind woman's page. You can find it here:

Copies of the book are available for sale for $25 at the Dunedin Public Art
Gallery or on

If you're looking for someone to sign using New Zealand sign language at
your event contact Brydee Strang on

If you're looking for someone to take photos or video your event contact
Michael Trillo on

If you're looking to do your own Boosted project contact Dallas Synnott on

If you want to talk about the City of Literature contact Nicky Page on

And if you want to say WHY NOT to having your own radio show contact Jeff
Harford at Otago Access Radio on

So many cool people said "WHY NOT" to this project,

Thank you for being one of them!

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