A City as Writer's Workplace: Open Call 2020

By Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature | Posted: Wednesday March 11, 2020

The "Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature" program office announced the open call for applications for the project "A City as a Writer's Workplace". Writers, poets, playwrights and other authors from the UNESCO literary cities are invited to tell about places in their cities where they like to work on texts.

Our idea is to collect photos from authors about the places in their cities where they like to work on their texts. It's very interesting to explore how authors write today: some writers write at home at their desk or while they take a bath, others write poems right on their smartphones, while others love to write at the airport, on the train or while cycling around the city. We want to explore how the working conditions of authors are changing today. This will help better understand the writer's relationship with the city.

The project will result in an international online exhibition with photos of the workplaces of authors from the UNESCO literary cities. The online exhibition will be placed on the "Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature" website.

Authors from the UNESCO Cities of Literature who wish to take part in the project are invited to send a photo and a short text about their favorite place in the city or home where they like to write texts. These may be photos of any place:

- a work desk, a bath or whatever at home;

-a path, a bench, or whatever in a park;

- a table in a cafe;

- an airport waiting room;

- a car, a train, a bike, etc.;

- any other place in your city that inspires you to work on the texts.

Important: you do not need to make a portrait of yourself in this place, just send a photo of the place itself, as the exhibition is dedicated to the writers' workplaces.

Requirements for photos and texts

- The quality of the photo is at least 1280×1024 (please sign the place where the photo was taken: for example, "My Desktop at Home" or "The Bench on which I like to write stories in the park").

- 1 paragraph of the text telling about your favorite workplace in the city (text in English, with the name of the author, the genres in which the author works, the city author lives in, the website of the writer (if any)).

Photos and texts are accepted at infopoint.ulskcityofliterature@gmail.com (you can also send your questions to this e-mail address).

Deadline: April 15

Each participant will receive a link to the exhibition by e-mail after its opening. The opening of the online exhibition will be covered by mass media and social media.

The Project Link http://ulyanovskcreativecity.ru/en/news/a-city-as-writer-s-workplace-open-call-2020/

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