Julie gives the Dark Destroyer his 10,000 names in braille sash!

By Julie Woods | Posted: Tuesday November 19, 2019

When the opportunity came along to go to the Kensington Tavern here in Dunedin to meet the Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace, from the Chase, I certainly said why not!

“Shall we go up now?” asks my sister Amanda at half time.

“Why not!” I agree.

Pushing our way forward Amanda says “He’s in front of you behind a desk, he’s coming round from behind the desk, he’s right in front of you now”

“hello Shaun” I say, sticking my hand out to shake his.

My name is Julie and this is my sister Amanda”

“and I’m totally blind” at which point he leans down to give me a hug!

Conscious there are streams of other people wanting to meet Shaun, I know I have to make this quick.

“I have a dream to write 1 million names in braille and I’ve written your name in braille, as well as Bradley and the other chasers”

“oh that’s so sweet” he remarks, taking the cards politely.

“And I’ve made this sash for you as you are the 10,000th person to have their name written in braille! And I was wondering if you would mind wearing it and have your photo taken with me” I continue promptly.

“Absolutely” Shaun replies, quick as a flash he’s putting on the sash, careful to make sure he has it the right way around.

“you are my 1%” I whisper gently.

“Well when you get to 1 million, I’ll come back to New Zealand to celebrate” at which point he leans down to kiss me on the cheek!

From that moment on in the evening I remember nothing…

Apart from being kissed on the cheek by the Dark Destroyer! 

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