By | Posted: Monday October 21, 2019

Can you support this amazing woman and her book?

I'm that blind woman Julie Woods, an inspirational speaker and coach who has learned to say why not to everything that has come my way! I haven't always been like this, it took going blind at the age of 31 to discover my why not response to life but ever since, I've gone from learning how to butter a piece of bread and put jam on it to refereeing a game of nude touch rugby and more! Saying why not to opportunities that have come my way has changed my life and the lives of many of those I speak to.

"Why not - "what a blind woman said to "Do you want to referee a game of nude touch rugby? And more" is my book that tells the story of my life from baby girl to blind woman, finishing up on a sandy beach in Dunedin one winter's day in 2004 where I find myself refereeing a game of nude touch rugby! Joining me in this adventure is my artist husband Ron Esplin who has painted the illustrations for this book. When he began the illustrations we were in the studio one day together when he said to me "what colour hair would you have?" to which I paused before replying "pink of course!"

To accompany this book I have printed a set of thrive cards, 20 coaching cards that contain 20 of the questions I asked myself when I went blind. Your funds will help me print 1000 copies of this book along with a matching braille bookmark that will contain illustrations from the book and the name of the reader in braille.

Would you like to help my story reach the people who are struggling to adapt to their own extraordinary change? Then say why not to making a contribution to the printing of this book. This easy to read illustrated story is fun and inspiring, providing a simple phrase to live life by. These two small words have changed my life and I know they can change the lives of readers too!

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