Have you got YOUR 'University of Otago - FONEBOOK 150' yet?

By Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair | Posted: Thursday July 4, 2019

This book not only features Michelle's images of our gorgeous city, but some fab recipes from Jude (Cullen) , artworks by Sam Foley, Scott Eady, Frank Gordon, John Toomer, Heather Straka, Neil Frazer, Tyler Kennedy Stent, Manu Berry & Michel Tuffery .... plus beautiful words from Claire Beynon, Peter Olds, Ian Loughran, Emma Neale & this years Burns Fellow Emily Duncan ...... It's AWESOME !!!!

"Before the bible, God existed here on earth.

In the trees, and the birds, and the bees.

Kehua. Sprites and demons. They're still here in the Town Belt. A place where you can believe in magic.

The Town Belt in Dunedin is the lungs of the city.

And it's also a nest. For hiding. For Camouflaging.

Camouflaging yourself and stories about yourself, and your family..."

(Emily Duncan PhD - from 'Dark Dunedin, Heaven Looks On' - Podcast.

This gorgeous, unique, hard-covered 'mini-coffee-table-book' - is 16 x 16 cm and jam packed full of coloured images ... it is a perfect pressie for anyone who has ANY connection with Dunedin or the University - makes a great graduation gift, speakers gift - for staff & family .... or just a wee treat for your own coffee table !!


Rrp - $40.00 EACH

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