'A Hundred Words for Snow' by Tatty Hennessy

By Ellie Swann | Posted: Sunday June 9, 2019

Featuring Lani Swann | Directed by Ellie Swann

4-14 September 2019, New Athenaeum Theatre, Dunedin

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2169426203138841/

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A few people have been asking me what's so special about this play? Apart from the fact that it manages to tell us everything in the perfect balance of text and subtext? And that the writer is a joyous example of young British theatre talent?

TBH: this play, and everything I do in theatre, reminds of my Dad, and I miss him. Please support our Boosted fundraising so I can give this play, and my dad's memory, the very best.

One "beardy man" is my Dad, the other is Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen (images below). He features in 'A Hundred Words for Snow', and is a strong symbol of 15 year old Rory's connection with her recently-passed Dad. Their relationship, and how she navigates being without him, is what resonates so strongly with me, and why I love this play so much. I shared with my Dad a love of football, and the value of working in the nonprofit sector. He was once chairman of the Fortune Theatre, and is part of the reason I work in theatre today. He was also a businessman, and I think of him so much when I am up to my eyeballs in the establishment, governance, and management of the New Athenaeum Theatre. He was a massive support when we were starting up, but unfortunately passed away before he could see the cracker it is today.

Over the past two years, Martin, Lani and I have been so involved in other people's productions, we haven't had the opportunity to do our own. Now we have, we desperately need your help. We have a chunk of money saved, but it is only enough to cover the rights and some production aspects. Our Boosted campaign is your chance to help us along, and we would so appreciate anything you can throw.


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