Youth Zone Mobilised

By Domi Angelo-Laloli | OAR FM Youth Coordinator | Posted: Wednesday March 6, 2019

Youth Zone Mobilised is the opportunity to get your music out to the world! This year, OAR FM Dunedins Youth Zone is giving ten young musical acts the opportunity to record and produce their own original tracks to air on the station, available via podcast and from our recently released Mobile App (

All of this Free of Charge to the participants thanks to DCC Creative Communities and NZ on Air

We will provide two hours of studio recording time and guidance in the creation of a 15-minute video and audio package including the recorded songs and an interview with the musicians about their songwriting.  The resulting tracks and video of the session will be broadcast, podcast and provided to you to use however you wish. We will also make them available to the other 11 access radio stations around New Zealand.  

Recording Session Details

We are looking for singer/songwriters or small bands (ages 12 - 18) who want to promote their original work to a larger audience.

During the recording session we will assist you in recording three to five songs in OAR FM’s Studio as well as conducting an interview about your act and the songs that you have chosen to record.

The OAR FM studio has some flexibility for the range of instruments or set-ups that we can accommodate. Unfortunately we’re not set up for full electric bands but we can record a couple of electric instruments at a time if required.

There are only ten spaces available , so get in contact as soon as possible to express your interest.

Email Domi at with a brief description of your musical act.

We welcome contributions from artists of all cultures and genres, and songs can be performed in any language.

This project has been made possible thanks to the support of the DCC Creative Communities Scheme and NZ on Air.

Thank you for your time,

Domi Angelo-Laloli | OAR FM Youth Coordinator | 03 471 6161

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