By Exisle Publishing | Posted: Sunday March 3, 2019

A book of fun for penguin lovers

There is something about the shambolic ambling of the penguin that makes us humans smile. Seemingly upright caricatures of ourselves, stitched permanently into those awkward ‘dinner jackets’, it is easy to bond with these black and white ‘little people’. Endearingly comical, they are the perennial favourites of cartoonists and animators — so much so that it is almost impossible to look at a penguin without hearing the voice of Robin Williams in your head. We love them too for their reputation (among some breeds) of loyally taking a mate for life.

Of course, penguins are more than just funny; they are extraordinary. The world’s only ‘100-degree birds’, penguins breed in environments from -60°C to +40°C. They can dive to great depths and exist for long periods in water so cold that it would kill us within minutes. They have all the grace and agility of ballet dancers in water, but it is the way they comport themselves on land that so endears them to us. Waddle is a compilation of quotations — accompanied by gorgeous photography. Compiled by a leading penguin expert and gifted science communicator, this delightful book will put a grin on your face and warmth in your heart.

RRP $29.99 PUBLISHED March 2019

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Professor Lloyd Spencer Davis (aka Professor Penguin) has been studying penguins for over 40 years. He has written seven books about penguins and published many scientific articles about them. He has led 15 expeditions to Antarctica as well as studying penguins in exotic and far-flung locations all around the Southern Hemisphere. He maintains the website PenguinWorld.com. An award-winning filmmaker and writer, his documentary, Meet the Real Penguins, which he directed and scripted, won 12 international awards. His book, The Plight of the Penguin, was the New Zealand Children’s Book of the Year. He is currently Vice President of the international body representing science communicators.

Extracts and images are available for publication. The author, an internationally recognised science communicator and penguin expert, is available for interview.

“It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.” Joe Moore

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