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By Exisle Publishing | Posted: Thursday October 11, 2018

September was an exciting month where Word to the Wise written by NZ author Mark Broatch featured across a variety of media, including The Listener. With definitions, examples of how to sharpen up text and improve your writing, a list of useful social media abbreviations, and a rundown on unusual plurals, this engaging look at the often bizarre and frustrating English language certainly generated a lot of discussion.

Moving forward to October we have another NZ authored title, Trial of Strength. Shona Riddell has unique heritage ties to the subantarctic islands, where her great-great grandmother was one of the few people to ever have been born in the area. Trial of Strength is Shona’s account of the history of this little-known landscape and a tale of human endurance, told in the hope of raising awareness and understanding of this place like no other. It also includes details of her own intrepid journey to the area.

Additionally, we have also released a stunning nature book, titled Minibeasts. This book offers an astonishing, up-close insight into the army of alien and exotic transformers that surround us unnoticed despite their critical importance to ecology and their use in medicine and science. Lavishly illustrated with breathtaking macro-photography, each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of minibeasts and includes introductory text followed by images and informative captions. Therefore, this book also has a great educational appeal and will feature in NZ Science Teacher journal, advocated for as an important resource for primary and intermediate students. 

See attached PDF's for more information on these titles.

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