Guest Speaker: Donald Kerr

By Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature | Posted: Friday October 6, 2017

Creative Cities Southern Hui warmly welcomes DONALD KERR as guest speaker. Donald will be speaking at Centre for the Book: Books and Users on Wednesday 29th November.

‘I am looking forward to the Hui and the enormous range of subjects covered, from second-hand book dealing to UNESCO City of Literature workshops. Of course, the vast array of folk who will be attending will make it doubly interesting.’

Donald Kerr is Special Collections Librarian at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Donald organises quarterly exhibitions and the annual Printer in Residence programme. His interests and research includes book collectors and the formation of private libraries.

The University of Otago’s Centre for the Book: Books and Users symposium, on Wednesday 29th November, explores the many ways we interact with the ubiquitous object we call the book, and probes the meaning of ‘user’.

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