Highlighting PHILIP JARVIS

Philip Jarvis (b. 1968) completed a BA at the Camberwell School of Art (1987-1990). Born in Winchester, U.K., he has spent the last 24 years making art in Dunedin, which he considers his home.

Posted: Monday April 27, 2020

Notable contributions to Milton Scholarship

Each year the Milton Society of America honours a scholar for “notable contributions to Milton scholarship.” This year, the award was given to Otago’s own John Hale.

Posted: Monday April 27, 2020

Oho! A virtual book launch at a snazzy cocktail bar

Everyone is cordially invited to the virtual launch of a stunning - yeah, it really is; world-class, actually - book of short stories by Dunedin writer Breton Dukes.

Posted: Friday April 24, 2020

Literature can transport us elsewhere, and transform home

Upon first alighting in Edinburgh, I had the oddest feeling of both strangeness and familiarity.

Posted: Thursday April 23, 2020

Calling all literary innovators!

Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2020

Down in Edin Issue #20

Online now

Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2020

Liz Breslin on the Possibilities Project

Liz Breslin talks with Jeff Harford on Otago Access Radio 105.5FM about the Possibilities Project

Posted: Monday April 20, 2020

I prefer Connect Four

Hello from my iso to yours. Since my hair is now fully buzzcut, I’ve run out of piercing jewellery, my screen time is up 21% on last week (when it was up 35% from the week before) and Worrying Doesn’t Fix Anything, I’ve been casting around for other in-bubble outlets.

Posted: Sunday April 19, 2020

War Stories from the Olveston Library

OAR running an encore series of War Stories From The Olveston Library, Sundays at 10am starting 19th April on 105.4FM and 1575AM.

Posted: Wednesday April 15, 2020

Dmitry Sadovnikov's poem translated by Ulyanovsk poet Sergei Gogin will be presented in Nanjing and Slemani

The poem "To the Volga" will be presented at the World Book Day event in Nanjing (China) and the Modern International Multilingual Library Museum in Slemani (Iraq). Residents of the two UNESCO literary cities, as well as their guests, will be able to know the poem of the poet born...

Posted: Wednesday April 15, 2020


In a creative response to the restrictions imposed on travel and public gatherings during the Covid-19 crisis, the New Zealand Book Awards Trust has elected to take the announcement of the 2020 winners of Ockham New Zealand Book Awards online on the original date set down for the awards ceremony...

Posted: Wednesday April 15, 2020

The Elizabeth Brooke-Carr Memorial Writers' Residency

A Givealittle page has been setup to raise $5000 to fund a residency for writers at the Caselberg Trust, in memory of poet and writer, Elizabeth Brooke-Carr.

Posted: Tuesday April 14, 2020

New campaign celebrates Kiwi men and what they read

A new online campaign launching on April 12 will focus on New Zealand men and their reading habits.

Posted: Saturday April 11, 2020

The Possibilities Project

Join us as we collect Possibilities!

Posted: Saturday April 11, 2020

Kick off for online book launch 8 pm this Saturday!

Peep peep,(that’s me blowing my whistle) it’s time to kick off my online launch for my latest and hottest book! Get ready to get in position for kick off on Saturday 11 April at 8 pm on Instagram!

Posted: Thursday April 9, 2020

RDS Gallery Exhibition Postponed

We are postponing our exhibition "Work by Felix Harris, Philip Jarvis and Pete Wheeler".

Posted: Friday April 3, 2020

2019 Printer in Residence

The 2019 Printer in Residence programme project was the hand-printing of a selected number of letters written by Charles Brasch to the editor of the ODT.

Posted: Wednesday April 1, 2020

COVID-19: The importance of collaboration, science and communication

In light of the Government’s decision on Monday 23 March to move immediately to level 3 (and subsequently level 4) of the COVID-19 response, we felt it was important to reflect on the responsibility UNESCO has—both as a National Commission and internationally—to support the sharing of reliable, trusted information.

Posted: Wednesday April 1, 2020

ArtExplore during the Lock Down

Hoping everyone is staying safe and staying well. We are offering you a daily on line art fix hoping you will not be art deprived throughout the Lock Down.

Posted: Tuesday March 31, 2020

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