Unconscious inspires book

Dunedin author and creative writing teacher Diane Brown has gone against the advice she gives her students, but she simply could not resist for her latest book. She talks to Rebecca Fox.

Posted: Thursday May 21, 2020

Update from Exisle Publishing

We've Been Publishing Successful Books for Three Decades. Now, We're Ready to Train the Next Generation of Authors.

Posted: Wednesday May 20, 2020

Top award for Milton scholar

English and Linguistics Programme Honorary Fellow Dr John Hale recently received the Milton Society of Americas honoured scholar award for his notable contributions to Milton scholarship.

Posted: Tuesday May 19, 2020

Knowing your Bowie

A new book on David Bowie makes connections, writes Tom McKinlay.

Posted: Tuesday May 19, 2020

Poet comes full circle

Receiving a national poetry award has extra special meaning for Dunedin poet Emma Neale, discovers Rebecca Fox.

Posted: Friday May 15, 2020

'Rock-star' writing from Carter

Shayne Carter of former Dunedin band Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer is a two-time winner in the 2020 Ockham NZ Book Awards for his memoir Dead People I Have Known.

Posted: Wednesday May 13, 2020

Dunedin Writers And Readers Festival Appoints a New Director

After a nationwide search, Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival has selected a new Director, appointing Hannah Molloy.

Posted: Wednesday May 13, 2020


Artists, designers and writers living in Dunedin are being invited to submit their artwork to a new project from the Dunedin Dream Brokerage, aiming to highlight the importance of the creatives in our neighbourhoods.

Posted: Tuesday May 5, 2020

Annabel Wilson talks about the Possibilities Project

on Otago Access Radio

Posted: Monday May 4, 2020

Tulip and Doug by Emma Wood

Posted: Thursday April 30, 2020

Highlighting PHILIP JARVIS

Philip Jarvis (b. 1968) completed a BA at the Camberwell School of Art (1987-1990). Born in Winchester, U.K., he has spent the last 24 years making art in Dunedin, which he considers his home.

Posted: Monday April 27, 2020

Notable contributions to Milton Scholarship

Each year the Milton Society of America honours a scholar for notable contributions to Milton scholarship. This year, the award was given to Otagos own John Hale.

Posted: Monday April 27, 2020

Oho! A virtual book launch at a snazzy cocktail bar

Everyone is cordially invited to the virtual launch of a stunning - yeah, it really is; world-class, actually - book of short stories by Dunedin writer Breton Dukes.

Posted: Friday April 24, 2020

Literature can transport us elsewhere, and transform home

Upon first alighting in Edinburgh, I had the oddest feeling of both strangeness and familiarity.

Posted: Thursday April 23, 2020

Calling all literary innovators!

Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2020

Down in Edin Issue #20

Online now

Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2020

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