Theatres & Playwrights

The Globe Theatre occupies an important place in New Zealand’s theatre history and has a particular commitment to New Zealand and local dramatists. The works of one of New Zealand’s best known poets, James K. Baxter, first premiered there. Allen Hall at the University of Otago provides a venue for student productions, including lunch time theatre. The Department of Theatre Studies maintains Theatre Aotearoa, an archive of information about New Zealand stage productions from the nineteenth century to the present day. The University’s German Department regularly produces plays in German and the Classics Department annually produces classical tragedies and comedies translated into English by award-winning playwright Harry Love.

Other theatres include the Mayfair in South Dunedin, the Regent in the Octagon which runs the famous 24 hour book sale and the Playhouse Theatre which produces three children's theatre productions per year, as well as popular and intriguing adult productions.

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