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Hosted by poet, writer and broadcaster Ian Loughran, this poetry radio show features readings and chats with local and visiting poets, and news on poetry events and book launches. The show provides a platform to present the wealth of poetry talent in New Zealand and around the world. Experience the beautiful, the intriguing and the provocative. Tune in noon on alternate Saturdays 105.4FM, Otago Access Radio. 

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The Caselberg Trust, located in Broad Bay, Dunedin, invites writers, composers, visual and performing artists to complete their creative projects in a harbourside cottage, situated on the Otago Peninsula; a well known haven of creativity and inspiration for many artists. The Trust has turned the former home of the writer John Caselberg and his wife, the artist Anna Caselberg, into a residence offering a programme of short- and longer-term stays, and also promotes and hosts a variety of innovative arts events and competitions in schools and the community. The Caselberg Trust also organises the annual Caselberg International Poetry Prize, of which the winning entries are published in the quarterly Landfall.


In 2011, the University of Otago established a Centre for the Book with the purpose of providing a unique centre of excellence in book history, print culture, and investigations into new platforms and models of book publication and distribution. It fosters new research, promotes book-related activities such as conferences, publications and workshops, and liaises and develops creative partnerships with relevant national and international organisations and businesses.


If you are wanting to nurture those creative writing juices then Creative Writing Otago is for you. Offering a range of face-to-face or online courses designed for the beginning and more advanced writers, and covering fiction, writing your life, poetry and nonfiction, all bases are covered. Award-winning poet, novelist and memoirist, Diane Brown is the designer and tutor for most of the courses with award-winning writer Philip Temple acting as a consultant and occasional tutor.


The Dunedin Burns Club has been celebrating the birth of the Scottish Poet, Robert Burns, since 1861. The club seeks to foster the love of Scottish song and story and is well known for studying his poetry and generally keeping his memory alive and well in the city.

In recognition of this much loved poet, every year on Robbie’s birthday, 25 January, people gather together to listen to readings and learn more about the man and his times. Since 1853, a “Burn’s Supper” is also held with traditional food and drink - this is a much treasured ritual by fans of this legendary poet.


Dunedin-based Natural History New Zealand are producers of excellent environmental documentaries on a global scale, and are highly regarded as expert storytellers with state-of-the-art production facilities and a global distribution network. Every month the Dunedin Public Libraries run free film screenings to enable local audiences to view some of the city’s finest innovative films produced by NHNZ.


A guest poet, bookended by two open mike slots, a convivial and collegial atmosphere, delicious vegan and vegetarian fare, and free entry. The Octagon Collective/Dog With Two Tails Poetry Readings offer a regular forum for new and established poets. Penultimate Wednesday every month, organised by Emma Neale, Carolyn mcCurdie, Sue Wootton and Jacob Edmond.

The readings have been running, with various organisers and MCs, on a voluntary basis for at least eight years. Offering a great supportive network for local writers and readers, and showcases many of our top regional writers (Brian Turner, Michael Harlow, Sue Wootton, Richard Reeve, Peter Olds, and many more.)


The New Zealand Book Council is a small, dedicated and passionate group of people who inspire New Zealanders to read, to write and to spark and share ideas; and to promote and nurture our nation’s writers and writing. One of their flagship programmes is the highly valued Writers in Schools programme, where writers and illustrators visit over 50,000 children and help inspire their creative writing and illustration dreams. Here in Dunedin we are lucky to have a number of gifted writers and illustrators and participating schools who are part of this programme, supported by Creative New Zealand.


The New Zealand Society of Authors does a splendid job promoting and protecting the interests of New Zealand writers, with nine branches throughout New Zealand. Founded in 1934 as the New Zealand PEN Centre (Poets, Essays and Novelists) it broadened its horizons and became the New Zealand Society of Authors in 1994, under the presidency of Dunedin writer Philip Temple. Among its first Dunedin members were Owen Marshall, Cilla McQueen and Hone Tuwhawhare.


The New Zealand Writers Guild is a professional association of script writers and represents the professional interests of writers in the fields of film, television, theatre, radio, comics and new media. The Guild’s members include most of the professional script writers working in New Zealand and are committed to working in a way that adheres to the spirit and the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.


Transforming Dunedin is a community-based movement aimed at promoting the interests and opportunities for the city’s creative, arts, and cultural communities. Originating from the Dunedin City Council Your City Our Future consultation process, the movement is also involved with the Dunedin City Council in developing an Arts and Culture Strategy for Dunedin. Transforming Dunedin’s goals are for arts and culture to be recognised as the heart of Dunedin, and to provide an enduring voice for arts and culture in Dunedin.


Tuesday Poem is an online poetry portal blog posting poems on - you guessed it -  Tuesdays. There are 30 Tuesdays Poets from New Zealand, US, UK, Australia, Italy and Lesotho, all who take turns being the hub editor. Tuesday Poem describe themselves as “an open mic event in the blogosphere.” and encourage visitors to “Kick back and listen for a while.” Tuesday Poem is worth a visit and is curated by New Zealanders Claire Beynon and Mary McCallum. Tuesday's Poem stopped publishing in December 2015.


Write On is the hugely popular OAR radio programme from the Otago Southland branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors. It is produced and hosted by Vanda Symon, the Dunedin-based New Zealand crime fiction writer. In each show, Vanda interviews local writers and people involved in the book industry. She also promotes local events and shares some good music. Proudly sponsored by Otago University Press.

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