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theartdept / UNESCO Dunedin City of Literature art workshops

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theartdept. celebrates Dunedin’s Status as an UNESCO City of Literature with our ‘Painted Poems’ art workshops for teachers and children.
This is a free to schools initiative, we offer to one class in your school . Pamela and Kerry will arrive with everything needed to work with you and your class, and we will paint, look and talk about the world of Poetry and Art, all morning 9:10-12:30 on a Tuesday. You will observe a creative and in-depth approach to painting, modeled by Kerry and Pamela with your own class, and get tips about how to extend and develop this approach to visual literacy through art education. This workshop is a professional development opportunity for you and we look forward to teaching with you in your classroom.

Your part of the deal will be to prepare the classroom for the workshop prior to our arrival, so we are all ready to go at 9:10am:
  • Newspaper on tables/desks
  • Chairs stacked and out of the way
  • A mat area for us to talk to the class and set up our display, an easel with clips for our demo and posters, books, would be helpful.
You will also be asked to provide some written feedback for us. This will be short and to the point; We want to know what you think, and it will provide us with information for future workshops and funding applications. We ask that your school give permission to use photos from our workshop.

This artdept art education initiative has been made possible with the support of Dunedin City of Literature, and a Creative Communities Grant.
If you wish to take us up on this wonderful offer use the booking form below to register your interest.  Please include in the comments box, the class level and the number of children in the class, and the class teachers name. Once this is done, Kerry will email you with a confirmed booking date

Available workshop dates (Tuesdays 9:10-12:30): Funding dependent

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